Resources to make your pharmacy a repair centre for screen-dry eye*

We have created helpful resources and tools to help your pharmacy take action and get involved in National Eye Health Week 18 – 24 September 2017 and use throughout the year. A free screen-dry eye* pharmacy support pack is shipping to all community pharmacies in early September and is filled with free resources to help you start a conversation with your patients about screen-dry eye*. You can also download additional digital copies of the resources by clicking on the thumbnails below.

  • Pharmacy Assistant Training Guide

    A guide to help you understand & manage screen-dry eye*

  • Pharmacy Poster

    Use this poster for your pharmacy window to create awareness of screen-dry eye and to start a conversation between you and the patient

  • Video

    Learn more about screen-dry eye*, why it’s important, and how to treat it

  • Patient Information Leaflet

    Information leaflet providing the patient with more information on the condition and treatment solutions

  • NEHW Leave Piece

    How to make the most of National Eye Health Week

  • Dry Eye Blink Test Consultation Tool

    Use this consultation aid at the pharmacy to test for signs of screen-dry eye* in under 15 seconds. This is not a diagnostic tool.

*Due to disruption of the lipid layer of the tear film. Repairs the eye's natural protective lipid barrier to reduce moisture loss.